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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Template for Actors

Resume for actors have a totally different format than the rest of the professions. One can say that a normal resume format will prove to be a disaster in seeking a job in the acting field. For example, an aspiring actor needs to mention his statistics, height, weight, complexion, hair color, eye color, marital status, etc. The education section takes a back step in acting. Similarly, mentioning all these factors in the field of say, medicine, will directly put your resume in the trash can.

In an actor’s resume, it is important to mention the experiences one has garnered in the said field, stage performances, advertisements, other commercials, etc. Experience is valued a lot in this particular field. It is directly translated into having no stage or camera fear, know how to emote, have the comfort level for facing the camera, etc. It depends on the institution one is applying in, for example, whether it is the radio, television, etc.

Technical skills have special value and are treated as an asset. For example, if one is a qualified dubbing artist, then it becomes a big plus point when applying for a job in theatrics, television, etc. The acting resume template thus will look like the following:

Contact Details:

- Postal Address
- E-Mail Address
- Phone Number

Personal Details:

- Statistics (Chest, Waist, Hips)
- Height (in feet and cms)
- Weight (in lbs)
- Complexion
- Hair color
- Eye color
- Marital status

Professional Experience:

Mention all your competitions that won you accolades, the internships you did, workshops attended, voluntary work, stage performances if any, etc. But while writing these down, make sure you mention details about the cast and the production house you worked with. Also, mention the references in this section. Sample this:

Stage Performances:

1. ABC Drama (XYZ Productions) TO (mm-yy) - TILL (mm-yy)
2. XYZ Television Commercial (Product Name) Month / Year
3. 123 Acting School Workshop (by A2Z Group)

Remember that acting is one field which requires many things including good looks, presentability, skills, talent, experience, hard work, dedication, etc. So add a section which talks about personality traits as well. While mentioning the qualities you think you possess, it is better to add something that supports that. Hope this sample actor resume template helps you draft your resume and send across the same with a personalized cover letter.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sales Resume Writing Guidelines

Templates have existed since school days and I am sure all of you would agree to that. Be it letter writing or a map making question in the examination, templates have always been helpful and make the job so much easier. You just have to fill in the blanks and there it is done in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, there are sites coming up with the resume templates for different jobs.
The resume templates take care of the resume formatting as well as the content to be written. It means that there are pre written section subheads like shown in the following. Go through it and you will get an idea of how a sales resume template looks like. Then accordingly, you can decide what works for them best: the traditional way of writing a resume or using the templates.

Sales Resume Template Sample

Personal Details: Here you have blank space for putting different details like the name, address (both e-mail as well as postal), contact numbers, etc.

Resume Objective: There is a section with specified number of words. You have to write it within the word limit. It means that the objective section should not only be crisp and to the point, but one that serves the purpose of getting recognition and assuring the recruiters that you are the right candidate for the job. Use it to your advantage.

Professional Summary: This is a newly added section nowadays in the resume. It gives you a chance to showcase the best of your work history in either a paragraph or in the form of a bulletined list.

Skills: Alter the skills set according to the requirements of the job and the employers as well. You may mention here your achievements as well. For example:
  • Communicative: It helps me form good relation with the customers and they find me trustworthy
  • Problem solver: My seniors have banked on me for solving some customer issues
  • Customer oriented: I am thorough with all the policies and offers that the management makes and believe that it is us sales persons who need to extend the information regarding the same to the customers
  • Computer skills: Office, Corel Draw
  • Fluent in English, French and can understand Spanish
Work Experience:
Name of the company
Designation (Tenure : joining date - last date)
Duties and responsibilities: Enlist the responsibilities using action words.

Achievements: Try to include your awards if fetched any, or the level of participation in the events.

Education: Write the details in reverse chronological order.

Areas of interest: Enumerate only the ones which are related to your educational qualification or your duties and responsibilities of the job.

References: Mention your references and with their latest contact details. In case you are not updated with their latest whereabouts, you can make do with their name, designation, and name of the organization.

One of the sales resume template is like this. You will find many other samples, but make use of the guidelines given here, it will prove to be helpful.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Features of Education Resume Template

Education resumes are generally written by the candidates applying for the jobs in the field of education. It can be for the job of a teacher, or a lecturer. When you are designing a resume for any such job position, you can refer the education resume template to get complete idea on the details to be included in such resumes. It should reflect your work history, career achievements, education and other relevant details. Here we will discuss the features of an outstanding education resume.
Features of Education Resume
When you are writing a CV for any particular job, it is important to make it attention seeking. It should be clear and easy to read and targeted to the position applied for. Recruiters expect special demands from the candidates applying for the jobs. Education field is no exception for that. There are certain skills and qualifications expected by the recruiter in the candidates working in the position. You need to understand these demands and design your resume accordingly. Using the ready templates is the simplest way to get your resume written. Doing this, you will save a considerable amount of time. Here are some basic features of education resume templates.
  • Education resume template should focus on listing your educational details. If you are applying for a teacher job, you will be responsible for shaping the future of children. Hence, it is important that you are well educated and qualified for this job
  • If you are a fresher in this field making an application for the first time, you can focus on the skills that make you suitable for the job. Also your academic details and certifications can be highlighted in education CV
  • If you are applying for the administrative job in the education field, you can list your past work experience and highlight the major work responsibilities in your application
  • Make sure that the position you are applying for is appropriate for your qualifications. You may not hold the exact qualifications as expected by the employer but you can surely present them in the way that it appears to be relevant
  • Include the details of your education, skills, contact information and past work experiences. Do not provide any vague information as employer may cross check it with your previous employer
  • Choose the appropriate resume format for the scientific research and academic educational positions. Make sure that the template you choose should not be more than two pages
Your application is incomplete without a cover letter. Accompany it with a perfect job letter which should be a single page document. Highlight all the details clearly and make your application remarkable. To get more samples visit bestsampleresume

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Characteristics of Resume Templates

Many job seekers are finding the resume templates pretty helpful in designing their CVs. These templates are free to download and can be edited and filled with the respective information in corresponding sections to get a perfect resume. These templates are available in different formats for different jobs. If you are in need of any such template, you can make proper research and choose the template that will match your profile and highlight you effectively. Here are some important characteristics of these resume templates.

Characteristics of Resume Templates

There are many points you must keep in mind when you are designing a resume template or using these templates to design your CV. The major characteristics of these templates are format, space and length.


Appropriate format is important for any template. There are three main types of formats commonly preferred by job seekers. These are chronological format, functional format and combinational format. Proper format will also boost the appearance of your CV. Important details like your key skills, major achievements, etc., can be easily highlighted if you choose an appropriate format for the template.


Space is another important characteristic of the resume template. Make sure to leave proper spacing between the lines so that your application appears pleasing to the eye.


Resume length should be limited to two pages. However, ideally it should be a one pager. But it is not possible to include all the job specific details in single page; hence, extending it to two pages is permitted. A short resumes will always get attention from prospective employer and most probably they will be read completely.

You will get templates for all job positions. For example, if you are applying for any position in the field of education, you can search for the education resume template, or if you are applying for a job in the sales field, you can look for the sales resume template.

When designing your CV from the templates, do not include the information as everybody does in their applications, or you might get rejected. You need to make your application unique and impressive and hence, you need to make proper research to know about the company and the job profile you are applying for. 
To get template for each and every job profile visit:

Friday, 16 December 2011

Education Resume Template for Teachers working in educational field

A teacher is responsible for shaping the future of students. They have to demonstrate and cultivate positive learning abilities in students. They must possess excellent communication skills to communicate with the students. There are many other skills that a teacher should possess. All these skills should be highlighted in your CV when you are applying for a teacher’s job in any teaching organization. If you don’t know how to design a resume for such job, you can refer the education resume template to draft a perfect job specific CV for you. Here is the sample teacher resume template to help you know how to write a teacher’s resume. To get more crystal clear idea about teacher resume check out:

Education Resume Template

Contact Information
  • Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Telephone No.
  • E-Mail ID
[State your career goal clearly to the employer]
Seeking the position of a dedicated teacher in an established organization to guide students in their studies and develop them into responsible individuals

Summary of Qualifications
[State the brief introduction of your career. You can list your key skills and major accomplishments achieved in the past working as a teacher in any organization]
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..

Work History
Duration [From - To]
Name of the Education Institute

Responsibilities Handled
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
[List all your achievements during your work in the education institutes. List these accomplishments in bulletined points]
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • Name of the Course/ Degree, From – To
Name of the University, City, State
  • Name of the Course/ Degree, From – To
Name of University, City, State

[References can also be provided at the time of the personal interview. Carry a paper with the names of references and their contact details at the time of the personal interview and submit it to the interviewer when demanded]

Teaching position is considered as the most respectful job in the society as they shape the future of the students. The job of a teacher is of great responsibility and hence the person chosen for working in this position should be appropriate. A resume stating all your past work details and accomplishments will strengthen your candidature and make you suitable for the position. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sales Resume Template

Sales resumes are required for the people working in the marketing field. The key feature of these resumes is the sales achievements. Working in the sales and marketing field, many times you need to handle the irate clients or need to solve the complicated queries of the clients. To handle such situations, you need to possess excellent interactive skills and problem solving abilities. When writing resume for sales positions you need to preferably list all the important skills, or you may land nowhere in the job market. Sales resume template will help you in designing a perfect CV to get you a job interview. 

Sales Resume Template 

Contact Information 
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact No.
  • E-Mail ID

[Career goal of the applicant. You can explain to the employer how you can benefit the company working in the sales or marketing department of the company. Clearly describe the position you are seeking in the company and discuss the points that makes you suitable for that particular position]

Summary of Qualifications
[Present the short introduction of your professional life in this section. List the information in bulletined points. You can include your major job skills, accomplishments, information of any award or honour, etc. in this section]
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
Core Competencies
[Key skills relevant to the applied sales job should be listed in this part. Interpersonal skills are mostly needed for the job in sales and marketing field. Include these skills with utmost importance in this section]
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
Work Experience
[All your past work experiences in sales and marketing can be listed here. The general format for listing these details is as follows]
Duration [From - To]
Name of the Company, City
Job responsibilities
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • Name of the Degree in Sales, Year of Passing
Name of College/ University, City, State 
  • Next Relevant Degree, Year of Passing
Name of College/ University, City, State

Personal Information
  • Name
  • Permanent Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
[There is no compulsion on including this section. You can also present these details at the time of personal interview]

For the sales positions, skills in resume are quite important and employer will be viewing this section when scanning your CV. Hence, you need to know what skills are required for the applied position and include them accordingly in your CV.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Open Office Resume Template

              If you need to create a resume for any particular job, using the open office resume template is the best and simplest way to write your CV. Using the open office templates is the simplest way to design an attractive job winning resume. Search for these templates online and easily find them without wasting your time. 

Significance of using Open Office Templates

These are the ready-made resume templates where you can fill in your information in the respective columns and print the document to get your CV. There are certain rules that you need to follow when using these templates. These templates are written by the professional writers. Hence, with the use of such templates, you will end up in a resume that has a professional touch and appearance.

Steps for Using Open Office Templates

Make sure that you have strong objective statement ready with you. This statement should tell the employer the position you are seeking in the company and the skills and achievements that make you suitable for the position you have applied for. Focus your objective statement on the needs of the employer.

You will get all the information that must be included in your CV in these open office templates. You just have to follow the instructions provided in these templates and write your details accordingly. Use these ready-made templates to list most relevant educational credentials. While listing all these details, make sure that the length of the resume doesn't exceed 2 pages. You can consider some sample templates to get fresh ideas on writing your CV. Once you complete writing your CV, do not use it for applying at all places. You must write a job specific resume instead of a generic one. Different jobs have different requirements and designing your CV according to these requirements will definitely help you in getting attention from hiring managers.

Following is the simple format of the open office template:

 Personal Details
  • Name
  • Full Address
  • Telephone No.
  • E-Mail ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
[Introduction of the candidate]
[Career goal]
Summary of Qualifications
[List all the job necessary skill sets. Provide description of each skill]
Work Details
[Mention all previous work experiences]
[Give the information of all degrees and certifications relevant to the applied position]
[Provide the details of the references, if any]

You can add some more sections depending on the requirement of the applied job position. Follow the sequence of sections for better impact on the potential employer.